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Decorate your Christmas Tree in 5 Easy Steps

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree can light up the holiday spirit of everyone who sees it. Make sure your tree looks exquisite and classic by decorating with elegance. We can help with our easy 5 step guide.

Place your tree in a tree stand on a towel to protect the floor from any spills. If you feel you require extra sturdiness, pile a few bricks or wooden blocks around it. Prune any unruly branches. Give the tree a generous watering and sweep away any needles that have fallen.

Step 1

Arrange a tree skirt or a piece of fabric around the base of the Christmas tree, ensuring that the stand is covered. Starting from the top, begin to wrap your lights around the tree, weaving them through the branches for maximum effect later.

Step 2

Beginning at the top of the tree, weave the tinsel garlands through the branches. As you work your way down, slightly increase the amount you use. As a rule, it looks best if thin garland is hung from branch to branch and thicker garland is wrapped loosely around the tree.

Step 3

Hang your favourite ornaments or baubles first, showcasing them on the front of the tree. Hang the rest of your Christmas ornaments, starting with the large ones and then filling in the holes with the small ones. Don’t forget to add some closer to the trunk and around the back.

Step 4

If you like the look of a tree topper, set it on the top,  make sure you cut the branch to the appropriate height first. Scatter wrapped Christmas gifts on the skirt around the base of the tree and enjoy the beauty of your creation with family and friends

Step 5

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