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Star Wars Home Decor

Star Wars Room

If you’re anything like us and a little bit obsessed with Star Wars, this is the blog post for you! We have scoured the internet for Star Wars home decor ideas so you don’t have to!

You probably assumed there were no Star Wars accessories for your kitchen, right? Wrong! Just take a look at this amazing Han Solo fridge/freezer! We’re guessing it would cost an arm and a leg, but its the perfect treat for a fanatic. There are also a massive selection of electricals, mugs, and other kitchen accessories to fully kit out the central hub of your home.

Vader Waffle maker
Star Wars Cutlery
Death Star Chopping Board
Star Wars Bar Stools
Millennium Falcon Coffee Table

If there’s a single person who wouldn’t want a Millennium Falcon encased in a coffee table then we haven’t found them.

Star Wars Book Ends
Darth Vader Art
Star Wars Rug
C3PO Clock

To be honest, a lot of the Star Wars bathroom items we found were towel related, but there was a pretty epic shower curtain available too.

Star Wars Towels
Quote Bathroom Pics
Star Wars Towels
Dagobah Shower Curtain
Leia Han Towels

A cushion is a perfect way to add a touch of Star Wars to your home without going all out – take a look at the selection below for inspiration.

BB8 Cushion
R2D2 Cushion
Star Wars Cushion
Vader Fire Pit

Don’t be fooled in to thinking Star Wars accessories are only for inside your home. Use these genius accessories to spread the force to the outer-most reaches of your garden.

Darth Maul Gnome
R2D2 Chair
Death Star Fire Pit
Dark Side Mat

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Star Wars page!

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