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Choosing Bulbs

Choosing light bulbs for your home can be a minefield. With so many to choose from, its near impossible to know which to pick.  That’s why we have created our quick guide to the main options available, with pros and cons for each. Simple!

  • Light: warm & yellowish.
  • Available in: Bayonet Cap (BC/B22), Edison Screw (ES/E27), & Small Edison Screw (SES/E14).
  • Great for: creating a sense of warmth & cosiness in a room.
  • Pros: definitely the cheapest option. Can be dimmed.
  • Cons: They are becoming increasingly hard to find. These bulbs can give off immense heat, and will burn you if you touch them.
Incandescent Bulb
Halogen Bulb
  • Light: less yellow than incandescent.
  • Available in: Bayonet Cap (BC), Edison Screw (ES/E27), & Small Edison Screw (SES/E14). Available in low-voltage (a transformer is needed for this to keep the voltage down to 12V) & mains voltage. Ask your electrician for details.
  • Ideal for: uplighters to brighten large walls. They’re great for crystal fittings as the light given off is a wide wave length, giving off lots of colours.
  • Pros: more energy efficient. Give off lots of light. Cheap to buy.
  • Cons: sensitive to fluctuations in current, so can blow suddenly. Very hot, not suitable for some applications such as children’s bedrooms.
  • Light: light wavelength is narrower, giving off a cooler whiter light.
  • Available in: compact fluorescent tubes (straight or circular) & compact fluorescent lamps (BC, SES & ES) that look like regular bulbs.
  • Ideal for: strip lights in kitchens & work areas.
  • Pros: relatively energy efficient & economic. The lamps can be used with mains voltage fittings.
  • Cons: can’t be fitted with dimmers. They are slow to get to their full brightness, and fade over their lifetime.
LED Bulb
  • Light: differing degrees of cool white to warm white are now available.
  • Available in: conventional lamp holders (BC, ES, SES, GU10, G9, G4), and dedicated light fittings.
  • Pros: the most energy efficient. Last much longer. Give off no heat (safe to touch).
  • Cons: some have a harsh white light which some people dislike. More expensive than the alternatives (but worth the money!). Most cannot be dimmed (but new technologies are being produced all the time).
  • Light: warm orange glow to a whiter light.
  • Available in: BC, SBC, ES, SES.
  • Pros: stand alone bulbs look gorgeous in light fittings. Can be dimmed.
  • Cons: Not very energy efficient for the amount of light produced. Some people don’t like the orange coloured light that is given off.
Vintage Bulb

Not all bulbs mentioned in this post are available at Glasswells.

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