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15th March 2017
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27th March 2017

Mal Harradine Visit

mal harradine bury st edmunds 2017

Last weekend was a very exciting one at our Bury St Edmunds store, as we had a visit from TV chef & author Mal Harradine!

Mal was at our store demonstrating some of the products we stock from Judge & Horwood, such as the Rocktanium Frying Pans, a Halogen Oven, Portable Induction Hob, Judge Pie Maker, Electric Skillet and James Martin Knife Block.

One of Mals recipes, ‘Eggs In A Blanket’, which he demonstrated on the day, is available below for you to try out!

  • Take several rashers of bacon, and fry until crisp using your electric skillet. Add mushrooms & tomatoes halfway through cooking.
  • In a separate frying pan, make a three egg omelette. When the omelette is almost cooked, add your bacon, mushrooms & tomatoes.
  • Next,take two tortilla wraps & place them in a figure 8 arrangement & spread cream cheese onto them
  • Place the omelette mixture onto the wraps & roll them up.
  • Using your frying pan again, toast all sides of the wraps. As a delicious extra, add cheese to the pan to coat the wraps.

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