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12th May 2017
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Dine In With Duresta
20th May 2017

Tempur At Glasswells

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We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of Tempur products, but do they really live up to their promise of a better night’s sleep?

  • Tempur Beds & Mattresses come with a 10yr guarantee. Pillows & toppers have a 3yr guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that you are covered for any manufacturing faults.
  • Tempur’s patented composition provides only 3% rebound compared to up to 20% with other brands. This means you can move about on the mattress without disturbing your partner, contributing to a better night’s sleep.
  • Tempur mattresses and pillows are clinically proven to reduce tossing & turning in your sleep – sometimes reducing it by up to 83%!
  • Tempur memory foam has a density of 85kg, meaning it doesn’t fluctuate in firmness like other memory foam brands, and it lasts much longer.
  • Open cell technology in Tempur memory foam means it can react to your body temperature. This coupled with cotton sheets means you don’t have to worry about overheating with Tempur.
  • Tempur conforms to your body shape & evenly distributes your weight much better than other memory foam. This helps to eliminate pressure points on your body, helping with neck & back pain & perfectly aligning your spine for a superior sleep.
  • Tempur is much more durable than other memory foam, and has a lifespan of 10 years.
Tempur Mattresses

At Glasswells we are a full stockist of Tempur products This means that when you visit one of our stores, you can try out every single Tempur mattress & pillows, so we can recommend the best product for you & your individual needs. All items are also available on our website!

We know that choosing these items is an important decision, but also that spending more now will benefit you greatly in the future.

Tempur pillows have thick protective covers that are fully washable. They also come with a 3 year guarantee for any manufacturing defaults.

Prices stated are valid until Monday 28th August 2017.

If you’re still not convinced, give our sales team a call today on 01284 752804, or email us at

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