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9th August 2017
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31st August 2017

Keep Cool On Summer Nights

Sleeping in summer

It has been unusually hot this August Bank Holiday, and while this is great news for daytime, it can make sleeping difficult for some.

Follow these simple guidelines for keeping comfortable & cool, and you’ll get to sleep in no time at all!

  • Open a window – create a draught by leaving windows & inside doors open if possible.
  • Invest in a fan or air conditioning unit.
  • Change your bedding – use a duvet with a low tog rating. Even better just use a cotton sheet, as the natural fibres keep you cool.
  • Take a shower – a cold one if you can bear it!
  • Change into cotton nightwear – or nothing at all!
  • Drinking alcohol before bed makes you warmer than usual – have a glass of ice cold water before bed time & take another with you to bed.
  • Try putting your pillowcase in the fridge for 30 mins before bed – keeping your head cool will make the rest of your body feel cooler.

Although not a quick-fix, it’s also worth considering your options with your next bed purchase.

  • Remember bigger is better – if you have space for a King or Super King size bed, go for it! The more space you have, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Choose a bed with warm & cool sides, or look for products with climate control covers to help regulate changes in body temperature.

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