Salisbury Adjustable Beds

The Salisbury by Furmanac is an up-market adjustable bed for when you need a feeling of complete comfort. It is one of the best adjustable beds on the market, whether you want it for health reasons or for help watching TV in bed!

benefits of an adjustable bed

  • Wall Hugger Facility – raises you up whilst simultaneously gliding you back, keeping you in reach of your bedside table (& your remote!).
  • Zero Gravity – puts you in a position where less pressure is exerted on your body.
  • In-built massage unit – for maximum comfort.
  • Heavy Duty – suitable for users up to 28 stone each.
  • Under Bed Lighting – great for finding those little things that roll under the bed!
  • USB Port – charge your electricals from the comfort of your own bed, without taking up valuable plug sockets.
  • Anti-Snore Position – raise your body 5 degrees to open the airways, aiding the prevention of snoring.
  • Memory Motor – allow your favourite sleeping position to be stored to memory for instant recall.

health benefits

Restricted mobility – getting in to & out of bed can prove difficult. An adjustable orthopaedic bed can help soothe your aches and pains whilst allowing you to alter your position with ease, maintain a comfortable sleeping posture that suits you, and get out of bed easier.

Insomnia – adjustable beds can also help those who have trouble sleeping. You can find your perfect sleeping position & ensure you get as much rest as possible.

Back pain – adjustable beds can reduce chronic back pain. With differing sleeping positions & orthopaedic mattresses designed to take pressure off vulnerable areas of your body, you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep!

Sleeping during pregnancy – the ability of adjustable electric beds to raise your legs whilst sleeping is great for reducing swollen ankles and feet, aiding in a better night’s sleep for pregnant women.

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