Moving Home? Make the right move with Glasswells!

Amy Gallivan from Suffolk Resident Magazine, finds out how Glasswells can take away the stress of moving home

Moving home or business is tiring, time-consuming and not to mention stressful. But one way in which you could lift the load both physically and practically is by gaining help from a professional removals company.
So whether you are in need of professional services for convenience, or have excessive amounts of furniture to be moved within Suffolk or beyond, a company that has been trusted within the home removals and storage industry since 1946 that can help is Glasswells. In fact, Glasswells has run its specialist service for over 60 years; helping hundreds of people every year move. Managing director Paul Glasswell explains: “Our team of professional movers can help with a number of requirements, from helping to pack and wrap items to loading them into crates and of course, moving belongings into your home.

Glasswells removals

“With the time and effort it takes to move, it is worth paying the experts to do it for you. As our highly experienced team have the knowledge and strength required to move and lift objects, which will save both the customer time and stress” Paul Glasswell

When it comes to moving, the reality of the situation can be completely underestimated, as you may think you do not have a lot of personal things or furniture, but in actual fact, you’ve overwhelmed yourself and are unprepared for the mammoth task ahead. Paul says: “One of the major benefits of using the home removals and storage service with Glasswells is the fact we visit each home and assess what is required and how long the job will take.”
What’s more, if you’ve just sold your old home but your new property isn’t ready yet, the team can even take your precious, valuable and bulky items in secure crates to its 80,000 square feet storage centre in Bury St Edmunds.

Glasswells Removals Packing Service

“Customers who need to store their items for a short space of time or longer, often feel relieved knowing that their belongings are in a safe and secure place that will later be transported with ease once their new home is ready,” Paul explains. So if you’re about to embark on a move and thinking about doing it yourself in the hope of saving money, then think again, as the time and effort spent in doing so can often be a false economy. By choosing Glasswells, the team have the expertise, experience, and organisational skills to make your upcoming move truly successful, which will save you much more time and hopefully money in the long run.
“We have thousands of satisfied customers who have used our services as well as many repeat customers,” says Paul.

Glasswells removals

To find out more about moving home with Glasswells within Suffolk, a neighbouring county or overseas, visit the website where you will find a wealth of information or call 01284 754294.


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